Think about it. Your current relationship is with your custodian. Your new relationship will be with your new custodian. What role does the gold dealer play? They are the broker of record funding metal into your account. Some will act like your best friend for the month or so it takes to create your new custodian account. Give you advice on what products to buy to add to your new IRA. Once this is done, they are gone. Your relationship and statements going forward are with your new custodian. That gold broker who told you what to buy, how much and what price is gone.

Isn't it funny that the road to this was advertisements you answered from the gold broker? Very expensive advertisements with a very defined message, maybe delivered by a known celebrity or stately figure. This all-costs money, a lot of money. Where does that money come from? You. That salesperson on the phone is also very good at what he does. He also makes a good living. Who pays him? You. When they offer you a lot of free metal or a safe where does that money come from? You. how do they get it? It is hidden in the products they insist you purchase. These coins or maybe bars have a story. They come from obscure mints or in some special limited mintage as the reason they cost what they cost. The reality is when you sale they are worth the price of the metal. Every coin or bar does have a premium, the same premium you pay inside or outside your IRA. You can't get around that. Like anything made it has a fabrication cost, this is no secret.

Why are we telling you this? We believe strongly in adding gold or silver to your IRA. We do it. It is insurance against all you see wrong out there. It is what brought you this far. You just need to do it correctly. The right products at the right price. We will always recommend you buy what we buy. Gold and silver Eagles produced by the United States Mint. It is really that simple.

LCR Coin has made it as easy and cost effective as it can be.

  • Use our decades of experience to your advantage
  • We have seen how the marketing and sales operations target investment accounts
  • You can be led through the process by a broker who has their interests in mind or,
  • You can use our do it yourself approach and save big

It is really very simple

Create an Account with your new Gold IRA Custodian START HERE.

Have the funds in your existing IRA or former 401k transferred out of any investments to a cash account with your current custodian

Roll those funds as a tax-free rollover to your new custodian Equity Trust.

When those funds are available  GO SHOPPING

Buy gold and silver IRA approved products right on our website just like you were buying the same products at the same prices for home delivery. This is the trick; this does not have to happen at a different price. You have done the work; your account is setup so now take advantage of the savings. No brokers, no marketing companies, no sales events. It is just you buying precious metals of your choice in your IRA.

Store the metal in an IRS approved Depository. We work with International Depository Services (IDS) and you can store your metal in Texas or Delaware.

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