Why is the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent such a sought after coin?

Why is the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent such a sought after coin?

Did you know the VDB on the penny in question are the initials of the engraver who created the Lincoln Cent at the direction of Theodore Roosevelt and his name was Victor David Brenner, VDB? The 1909 is the first year the coin was issued and the years following the 1909 were not produced with the initials VDB, it is the one year that happened. Did you know the Lincoln Cent was the first coin The United States Mint produced with a bust of a deceased President? The first time we created a coin with a real deceased person at all. It was 100 years since the birth of Abraham Lincoln and the Country was ready for Lincoln to be our first honored figure on a coin. The coin was released to a huge response from the public waiting in lines to get their first Lincoln Cents. Did you also know the 1909-S was minted in San Francisco but many more 1909 pennies were created in the Philadelphia Mint where no Mint Mark is used so they just say 1909. In fact, 28 million pennies were produced in Philadelphia, that’s a lot of pennies, but less than 500,000 were minted in San Francisco. This is why the 1909-S VDB is so sought by collectors.

If you collect coins and you like pennies, when you see a 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent available for sale that you can afford you should buy it. They don’t come up all the time and they are highly prized in any grade or condition. We have a few in all grades from one graded from F12 in an NGC holder all the way up to one in graded 1909-S 1C VDB RB CAC PCGS MS66, (at the time this post was issued), basically with all the bells and whistles. This coin is one of 87 that exist in MS66 with only 2 graded higher. Buying such a low population coin will always be prized any time it surfaces for sale in the future.

That’s our take on the 1909-S VDB. Enjoy your searches and acquisitions and as always Happy Collecting from LCR Coin. Shop For Lincoln Cents Now Click Here

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