June 2018

The Simple Facts About Gold, Rare Coins, Inflation And The Dollar

Numbers out today show inflation rising at the fastest pace in six years. Also, the point has been made that recent gains in income and salaries have been eroded by the increase in inflation. What is the result of higher inflation? Higher inflation is caused by the rise in the cost of goods and the dollar having less buying power. Another outcome of inflation and a weakening dollar has always been a rise in gold price based on the [...]

Expertise through Experience

The rare coin market is hotter than ever. New highs are being set routinely in auction results for better date rare coins. What is a better date rare coin? In this question population of a coin in a denomination, from a year, from a given mint, in a given grade, by a recognized grading service is everything. A recent article in a popular coin publication used the term ‘The rarest of rare coins are those that are so rare [...]

Numismatics Dealer

LCR Coin is a full service numismatics dealer. Located in California we serve the entire USA! Our large selection of rare and hard to find graded coins will be sure to please. LCR Coin offers FREE shipping on all of our products. Shop today and be assured that you are receiving the best pricing available on that special hard to find, rare coin. LCR has many rare coin categories to choose from. These are LCR Coin’s top 10 categories: Patterns Collonials Half-cents and [...]

May 2018

Planning for the future

You have worked hard your whole life providing for your family. You created a secure nest of eggs to secure your future. Now what? There are different eggs to accomplish different things. Ongoing revenue Savings Legacy wealth Ongoing revenue can be accomplished through different instruments that create yields in the form of stocks, bonds, investment property, business investments etc. This portfolio hopefully grows over time but is also subject to market corrections. In the last 200 years market corrections have always occurred and will always [...]

The Best Rare Coin Dealer

Looking for the best coin dealer? Look no further! Our service is second to none. Have a question? We are here to answer the phone almost 24/7. You can also send us an email if you have questions related to buying or selling rare coins. Our friendly staff have over 30 years of industry experience which allows us to provide you service with a smile. What do we think makes us the best rare coins dealer? To start with our [...]

Rare Numismatics Coin Dealer

Buying rare and hard to find coins has never been easier. LCR Coins is your number one online rare coin dealer. Based in the West Coast in California our large selection of rare and hard to find coins will be sure to please you. LCR currently has over 1800 products to choose from in our store. Our selection rare numismatic coins is vast! Prices on our rare coin products are hard to beat! We challenge you to do some comparison [...]