Rare Coin Numismatic Dealer

August 2018

Creating a portfolio of certified rare coins, a story of two types of collectors

There are two types of collectors when it comes to rare coins. First is the hobbyist who has enjoyed collecting coins all since childhood. Second is the investor who has discovered the value of adding tangible rare coins to their investment portfolio. The hobbyist has taken pleasure in sorting through coins since childhood. For them it is the hunt and the collection start with what is found. An Indian Cent, a Buffalo Nickel there, a Standing Liberty Quarter and so [...]

June 2018

Expertise through Experience

The rare coin market is hotter than ever. New highs are being set routinely in auction results for better date rare coins. What is a better date rare coin? In this question population of a coin in a denomination, from a year, from a given mint, in a given grade, by a recognized grading service is everything. A recent article in a popular coin publication used the term ‘The rarest of rare coins are those that are so rare [...]

May 2018

Rare Numismatics Coin Dealer

Buying rare and hard to find coins has never been easier. LCR Coins is your number one online rare coin dealer. Based in the West Coast in California our large selection of rare and hard to find coins will be sure to please you. LCR currently has over 1800 products to choose from in our store. Our selection rare numismatic coins is vast! Prices on our rare coin products are hard to beat! We challenge you to do some comparison [...]