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September 2019

The Fed Is Heading Back To Zero

As yields flash recession warnings, global economic slowdowns Deepen, equity markets are on the verge of historic corrections and it seems the Fed is headed back to 0% where do you park your assets to shelter the storm? Ex-Fed boss Greenspan says ‘there is no barrier’ to Treasury yields falling below zero Fed interest rate forecast: Wall Street sees return to near zero Apparently for the foreseeable future there is no money in money. Is it time again for Tangible...

March 2019

Why are the Apollo 11 Coins released by the US Mint so special?

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary coin celebrates this achievement. This happened on July 20, 1969, as Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” E. Aldrin, Jr. took mankind’s first steps on the Moon. Now these kids are coin buyers in the 50’s and 60’s. Collectibles tend to do best when the potential collector remembers the item from their childhood and the Apollo 11 Coins hit all the marks. Space, coins, history and American accomplishment. Seldom have I seen a Mint launch met with...

December 2018

So, what’s going on with palladium?

Palladium is a rare silvery white metal discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. He named it after the asteroid Pallas, which was itself named after the epithet of the Greek goddess Athena, acquired by her when she slew Pallas.  More than half the supply of palladium and its congener platinum is used in catalytic converters, which convert as much as 90% of the harmful gases in automobile exhaust into less noxious substances. Palladium is also used in electronics, dentistry,...

July 2018

June 2018

The Simple Facts About Gold, Rare Coins, Inflation And The Dollar

After all you only had a perceived profit on a monthly statement, not in real money. So now, while your paper statement reflects profit, and before the profit disappears, take some of that paper profit out of the stock market and put in something else before you lose it. Gold, like bullion gold coins are good. Gold Eagles or other monetized gold coins add privacy like all money because Gold Eagles have a face value that means it is...

I want to share a story about something that happened in 1985

th and 7th. LA’S jewelry manufacturers were primarily karat gold makers casting assorted goods in 10 and 14kt. Their shops were in the many buildings that made up the jewelry district. They used a lot of gold, figure our customers used about 50 to 100 kilos per day. The kilos they bought were known as jars of shot. This is 24kt .9999 gold in the form of BB’s in the amount of one kilo per jar. This way when...

January 2018