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January 2018

Collecting Rare Coins Can Be Fun And Rewarding

Rare coins are a solid tangible asset that builds a great portfolio.  A common misconception is that it’s an expensive hobby that is not affordable. This is certainly not the case.  Buying rare coins online from offers many inexpensive examples of some great coins. Here are some fitting examples that are all under $300: 1941 25C Washington Quarters PCGS MS67 1940 5C Proof Jefferson Nickels PCGS PR67 1942-S 50C Walking Liberty Half Dollars PCGS MS65 1935-D 25C Washington Quarters PCGS MS64 1864 1C [...]

Why Are MS70 And PR70 Coins So Special?

We sell a lot of coins that are offered on our site, as well as other popular platforms. One question we hear often is why is one coin graded a MS70 and another not? We hear this in relation to many popular coins we sell online. The American Silver Eagle, the Mercanti signed Silver Eagle, the American Gold Eagle, the American Gold Buffalo, the Chinese Panda and of course rare United States Mint coins. Rather than focus on [...]

Why Do We Recommend John Mercanti Signed Silver Eagles Above All Others?

As we all know American Silver Eagles are extremely popular to collect. There are exciting new variations released every year. For us the most popular issue by far is the Silver Eagle in NGC signed by John Mercanti. Why is the John Mercanti signed Silver Eagles so popular? One reason is he is just such a nice man. If you ever meet him at a show or on the street, he is always humble and eager to educate anyone about the [...]

Buy Rare Coins Online

If you are a serious collector, a novice beginner or just a casual shopper LCR Coin makes buying rare coins online, fast, safe and easy. Buy rare coins online at LCR Coin. Shop safely and with confidence every day. Another reason to check back often is we have the most active fluid and changing inventory of rare coins anywhere online. Due to the activity of coins being added and purchased you will see new rare coins every day and [...]

December 2017

Gold, Bitcoin, Currency, what is real money?

I recently watched a documentary on Bitcoin and came to understand the real attraction to Bitcoin is two-fold. One it, like gold, has a finite quantity that can ever be, 21 million is all that can ever be mined. Gold is also the other and original real money that can’t be created out of thin air. This makes these two forms of money similar but different. The value must adjust to real market conditions. Currency on the other hand [...]

2018 American Silver Eagles Are Here

2018 looks to be a momentous year for graded American Silver Eagles by both PCGS and NGC. Some of the more popular labels and grades look include some of the following. 2018 American Silver Eagles in PCGS holders include the First Strike in MS70 and MS69, First Day of Issue MS70 and MS69, First Strike Don’t Tread on Me in MS70 and MS69, First Strike Struck at West Point PCGS PR70 DCAM and PR69 DCAM. Also in the PCGS [...]