July 2018

Sell Gold Or Silver Out Of Your IRA Or 401K

Let’s say many years ago or even just yesterday you took retirement funds out of the markets managed by your Custodian such as Charles Schwab, Edward Jones, Fidelity, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade or Merrill Edge. You found a Gold Broker such as Goldline, Lear Capital, Augusta Precious Metals, Noble Gold, Goldco, Birch Gold, APMEX, Monex, GoldSilver, Rosland, Blanchard, American Bullion or JM Bullion who would set you up with a new custodian such as Gold Star, Sterling Trust, New Direction, [...]

June 2018

The Simple Facts About Gold, Rare Coins, Inflation And The Dollar

Numbers out today show inflation rising at the fastest pace in six years. Also, the point has been made that recent gains in income and salaries have been eroded by the increase in inflation. What is the result of higher inflation? Higher inflation is caused by the rise in the cost of goods and the dollar having less buying power. Another outcome of inflation and a weakening dollar has always been a rise in gold price based on the [...]

I want to share a story about something that happened in 1985

This one should be filed under hard to believe or if I wasn’t there I wouldn’t believe it or that wouldn’t happen today. As I said, it was 1985 and I was a gold trader at A-Mark Precious Metals. We were in Beverly Hills at the corner or Roxbury and Wilshire. For this story I should add I drove an old Volkswagen Bug. My primary function at that time had been developing and servicing the jewelry manufacturers in the jewelry district [...]

January 2018

The 1895 Morgan Dollar, King of Morgans

We had a customer purchase one of the finest examples of this coin this week, an 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar in PCGS PR66DCAM, one of 6 known. As an investment why was this a sound bet? According to U.S. Mint records, there were 12,000 Business Strikes produced for circulation for 1895, and 880 Proof coins struck. However, only 75 to 80 of the 1895 Morgans have been accounted for, all of them Proofs. Where did the 12,000 regular non-proof Morgans go? Two of [...]

Collecting Rare Coins Can Be Fun And Rewarding

Rare coins are a solid tangible asset that builds a great portfolio.  A common misconception is that it’s an expensive hobby that is not affordable. This is certainly not the case.  Buying rare coins online from offers many inexpensive examples of some great coins. Here are some fitting examples that are all under $300: 1941 25C Washington Quarters PCGS MS67 1940 5C Proof Jefferson Nickels PCGS PR67 1942-S 50C Walking Liberty Half Dollars PCGS MS65 1935-D 25C Washington Quarters PCGS MS64 1864 1C [...]

Why Are MS70 And PR70 Coins So Special?

We sell a lot of coins that are offered on our site, as well as other popular platforms. One question we hear often is why is one coin graded a MS70 and another not? We hear this in relation to many popular coins we sell online. The American Silver Eagle, the Mercanti signed Silver Eagle, the American Gold Eagle, the American Gold Buffalo, the Chinese Panda and of course rare United States Mint coins. Rather than focus on [...]