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September 2018

Why Collect US Mint Eagles Signed By John Mercanti And Ed Moy

I should probably make a better effort to express why building a collection of Gold and Silver Eagles Signed by Ed Moy and John Mercanti makes more sense with LCR Coin as your guide than other companies. Yes, my opinion is biased but for all the right reasons. I have been in this market a very long time, in fact, longer than the Gold and Silver Eagles have existed. Having a ring side seat to all the major market [...]

August 2018

Creating a portfolio of certified rare coins, a story of two types of collectors

There are two types of collectors when it comes to rare coins. First is the hobbyist who has enjoyed collecting coins all since childhood. Second is the investor who has discovered the value of adding tangible rare coins to their investment portfolio. The hobbyist has taken pleasure in sorting through coins since childhood. For them it is the hunt and the collection start with what is found. An Indian Cent, a Buffalo Nickel there, a Standing Liberty Quarter and so [...]

June 2018

Expertise through Experience

The rare coin market is hotter than ever. New highs are being set routinely in auction results for better date rare coins. What is a better date rare coin? In this question population of a coin in a denomination, from a year, from a given mint, in a given grade, by a recognized grading service is everything. A recent article in a popular coin publication used the term ‘The rarest of rare coins are those that are so rare [...]

May 2018

Planning for the future

You have worked hard your whole life providing for your family. You created a secure nest of eggs to secure your future. Now what? There are different eggs to accomplish different things. Ongoing revenue Savings Legacy wealth Ongoing revenue can be accomplished through different instruments that create yields in the form of stocks, bonds, investment property, business investments etc. This portfolio hopefully grows over time but is also subject to market corrections. In the last 200 years market corrections have always occurred and will always [...]

February 2018

Buy Rare, Collectible and Hard To Find Coins Online

Are you into buying rare, collectible and hard to find coins online? LCR Coin is your go-to online coin dealer. With a huge selection of products you can always be assured that you will be able to find those rare, valuable and hard to find coin(s) you have been seeking. Our item pricing starts at just over $20 and ranges all the way up to 6 figures! By offering this large selection of coins (over 1500) you can always be [...]

Buy Rare Coins

LCR coin is a professional rare coin dealer. We specialize in hard to find and rare classic US coins. LCR Coins sells certified rare coins graded by NGC and PCGS. We have been in business for over 30 years with billions of dollars worth of coins sold since 1985. Our large selection of rare coins and precious metals products are second to none. We currently stock over 1,500 rare hard-to-find and rare classic US coins. At times we have close [...]