Silver Eagles Type 2

Silver Eagles Type 2

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Silver Eagles Type 2

The American Silver Eagle Bullion coin was first struck in 1986. It was intended to compete with other worldwide silver bullion coins. It has grown to become the most collected silver bullion coin in the world.

It was designed in 1986 using a modified copy of Adolph Weinman’s Walking Liberty Half Dollar design on the obverse. The reverse depicted an American bald eagle, in a heraldic eagle style, and it was designed by the US Mint’s engraver John Mercanti.

But by 2021, the Mint had decided that 35 years without any design change was enough, and the reverse design was changed from Mercanti’s heraldic eagle to a design by Emily Damstra, a Canadian American artist who designs coins for both the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint.

Damstra’s design depicts an American bald eagle in flight, just landing on a tree branch. Her design was intended to give the eagle a more majestic and real-life appearance than the heraldic eagle style of Mercanti.

Her design ended 35 years of uninterrupted American Silver Eagle coins designs but it was well received and welcomed by the American public. This is the first design change in the coin’s history and many collectors praised the Mint for making the change.


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