PCGS Rare Coin Market Report

PCGS Rare Coin Market Report

There is a great article in the most recent PCGS Rare Coin Market Report titled, a tale of two markets. It draws a clear conclusion of how two basic coin types have performed over the past few decades.

We have written many articles that make the point that when you can buy the one best example of a coin that can be had and you can afford. This better coin will always outperform a portfolio made up of quantity over quality. Although the temptation is strong to rely on the latter this article leaves little doubt.

I will give a few of the more dramatic examples from the report. It comes down to the difference between “generics”, coins that are common and come in any quantity you wish to own and “rare coins” where the one example is one of a few or maybe the one. You would have to conclude rare coins are a sellers’ market where more people want them than coins exist.

Some notable generic losers measured over 30 years:

1910 Liberty Nickel MS65                             1986 – $1,350                     2018 – $240

1916 Barber Dime MS65                               1986 – $2,150                     2018 – $280

1943 Walking Liberty Half MS65                 1986 – $430                         2018 – $70

$5 Liberty with Motto MS65                        1986 – $5,800                     2018 – $1,420

St. Gaudens Double Eagle MS65                 1986 – $3,850                     2018 – $1,450

Some notable rare coin winners over 30 years:

1892-S $1 Morgan MS65                               1986 – $32,250                   2018 – $130,000

1918/17-D Nickel MS65                                 1986 – $25,500                   2018 – $200,000

1889-CC $1 Morgan MS65                            1986 – $21,250                   2018 – $150,000

1879 $4 Stella PR65                                         1986 – $45,000                   2018 – $180,000

1795-98 $5 Small Eagle MS65                     1986 – $41,000                   2018 – $400,000

Clearly, if you had purchased any one of the rare coins you would feel you made a wise choice. The rule of thumb should be buy population when you can. How many coins of that type, in that year, from that mint, in that grade exist. Pay more now for coins that represent the fewest and history says you will likely be happier than buying the price the day of purchase over population.

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