Planning for the future

Planning for the future

You have worked hard your whole life providing for your family. You created a secure nest of eggs to secure your future.

Now what?

There are different eggs to accomplish different things.

  • Ongoing revenue
  • Savings
  • Legacy wealth

Ongoing revenue can be accomplished through different instruments that create yields in the form of stocks, bonds, investment property, business investments etc. This portfolio hopefully grows over time but is also subject to market corrections. In the last 200 years market corrections have always occurred and will always occur.

Savings are just that, assets you hold. Traditionally this includes money, but money comes in different forms. Cash in the bank, gold, silver, diamonds.

Legacy wealth is that which you make ready for those you leave behind. You prepared for this and thought about it. What are the goals? A private transfer of wealth should be number one. To accomplish that you need an instrument that remains private. Here is a perfect example. Over time you build a portfolio of rare coins. The value is established by the liquidity and transparent price performance of these coins in an established rare coin market. After you are gone your loved ones take these rare coins and either keep them or sell them at auction in one of several annual major rare coin auctions. This happens all the time. Almost every rare coin auction is based on or includes coins consigned per the collector’s instructions by their family. Auctioning accomplishes price discovery; highest bidders are the market. The proceeds then are paid to your heirs in a completely private transaction. No entity involved in selling you rare coins or auctioning rare coins on your behalf are required to report any aspect of these transactions. This is the privacy rare coins provide like no other.

Here at LCR Coin, we can help you with buying both gold and silver bullion coins. This would be gold money as part of your savings. The other service LCR Coin provides is helping you buy rare coins online to build your legacy portfolio.

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