Home Stored Gold IRA

Why A Gold And Silver IRA?

Physical Gold And Silver Are Real Money

Safeguard Your Future With Portfolio Insurance
Protection From Equity Bubbles And Government Debt
Tax-free Transfer from your current IRA or Former 401K
Physical Gold You Store Provides Privacy And Security
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Retain Complete Control Of Your Assets

We can help you put gold & silver directly in your IRA

IRA LLC’s possess many advantages and sport a 20-year history. What makes it different? Consider if you have cattle, apartments, or even land in an IRA.

How do you effectively control the IRA?

In general, these types of IRAs are best managed through a Checkbook Control IRA LLC. In a similar fashion, we work with custodians that enable you to put gold and silver in your IRA and thus control the asset.


Go from a paper statement to physical gold in your hand.


The first step is to create an LLC in the State you live. Through our vendor, you will receive back an operating agreement, Fed tax ID, and articles.


After you create the LLC, open a checking account for the LLC at your bank and then create an account at the custodian we work with, Kingdom Trust


When the finds move to Kingdom Trust, they send the funds to the checking account you created for the LLC. Now you can buy gold and silver from us and we deliver it to you.


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Own the Best Gold at the Best Prices
Our Mission:

“I have been part of the gold industry for over 30 years. We are not a coin shop or sales company. We are part of an industry that takes pride in helping people own gold. I have sat at the largest bullion desks in the Country supplying all the high-profile large budget advertisers selling gold, run rare coin auction companies, manufactured gold jewelry all over the world, and run refining and industrial gold operations. This is my industry and I take it very seriously. It is my mission to help you own the best gold at the best prices.”

American gold & silver eagles are the most popular coins in the world
Unlike most others who want you to own Canadian limited or special mintages of an ongoing output of animals on bullion coins at inflated rates, we only recommend one thing: American gold and silver Eagles. These are made at the U.S. Mint; they are part of the Treasury system and are monetized. They have a layer of privacy most other bullion products do not have. There is no reporting required by the buyer when you sell them. This is why they are the most popular coin in the world and the one that is in most IRA’s.
Mounting Debt May Cause Your Assets to DROP IN VALUE
As currencies hang on the edge we urge you to own real money, physical gold

Our Country accumulated almost a trillion dollars in debt over the first 230 years of its’ existence. That debt rose to almost 19 trillion through stimulus-created via bond swaps, creating fiat, made-up money. How we get out of this mess is still unknown; we are in uncharted territory.

Next, all the global economies followed suit creating global stimulus in the form of Euro’s, Yen, Pounds, Yuan, and others. Many countries are now in negative interest rates. The globe is awash in made up money creating a “fabricated recovery”. We will have to pay for this.

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Louis Palafoutas

Welcome to LCR Coin.com, the company I formed with more than 30 years of experience in the precious metals industry. From the very start we’ve been leaders in precious metals, supplying physical Gold to companies specializing in gold IRAs. We have since expanded into Home Stored IRAs, a new medium for owning Gold in IRAs, and rare coins as an investment.

The staff at LCR has been a part of some of the most prestigious auctions of rare coins in the industry on a consistent basis. This sector of the market continues to show strong growth as a “sellers” market. Why? Because supply will never meet demand.

I am proud of the fact that LCR Coin has been able to help savers for retirement find a safer way to hold physical gold closer to home.  Whether it be Home Stored IRAs, Gold and Silver bullion coins, or rare coins and auction services. We are your go-to precious metals company.

LCR Coin is one of the most well respected firms on the West Coast by some of the biggest names in the industry. It is our mission at LCR Coin to rescue as many Americans as possible from this “fabricated recovery.”

We strongly suggest that individuals set aside a portion of their IRA or former 401Ks to convert to a home stored gold IRA. As we move into 2017, we at LCR Coin Inc. remain focused on delivering to our customers the best service possible.

Now more than ever, investors should be buying physical gold and silver. The reality remains that unless you have it in your possession, you really don’t own it. Call me direct anytime. LCR Coin is your one stop service for all of your precious metal needs. Give us a call today! We are your number 1 precious metals dealer!
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