Gold, Bitcoin, Currency, what is real money?

Gold, Bitcoin, Currency, what is real money?

I recently watched a documentary on Bitcoin and came to understand the real attraction to Bitcoin is two-fold. One it, like gold, has a finite quantity that can ever be, 21 million is all that can ever be mined. Gold is also the other and original real money that can’t be created out of thin air. This makes these two forms of money similar but different. The value must adjust to real market conditions. Currency on the other hand isn’t really money. It is an accounting tool not money and you can create it in infinite quantities. Therefore, we have terms like inflation. Inflation is the value of your paper currency weakening because someone created more than should have been in the market.

If we have electricity we can have Bitcoin. In my opinion this is the biggest limitation to its tangible value. You need computers computing to keep the blockchain and currency validated. Gold and silver on the other hand pre-dates all of this. It needs nothing to be understood. It only needs to be held to be understood. The best way I can illustrate the value of real gold money is to let you hold a stack of Gold Eagles and make the weight be felt and the sound of the coins hitting each other be heard. Gold speaks for itself, and always has.

Maybe a better example is to go back 85 years to a time when the two meant the same thing. Gold was money and had been for thousands of years. Instead of a stack of Gold Eagles let’s make it a stack of $20 Saint Gaudens. Same basic size, same basic weight, same basic value and same basic impact. Feel the weight of real money in your hand. You will instantly understand the difference. If you have the means I highly recommend buying 20 Saint Gaudens coins and see for yourself. If I am wrong in any way give them back for a full refund. I am suggesting that you own real money made as real money and used as real money back when money was real. Buy Rare Coins Online at LCR Coin.

You should be concerned if all your wealth, all that you have worked for is all in digital something, digital anything that represents someone else ultimately deciding what you have. Stocks, all digital, bank accounts all-digital, Bitcoin, all digital. You owe it to yourself and your family to own property and gold and silver in the form of bullion and rare coins as part of your portfolio.

Now you are truly insured and ready for anything that comes at you. The imminent market correction? Ready. Inflation or worse hyperinflation? Ready. Currency collapse? Ready. You owe it to yourself and your family.

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