Classic Head Cent

Classic Head Cent

  • 1812 1C Large Date BN Large Cent PCGS AU53
    1812 1C Large Date BN Large Cent PCGS AU53
    U.S. Mint
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    1812 1C Large Date BN Large Cent PCGS AU53

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Classic Head Cent:

John Reich was a German-born engraver who came to the US in 1800. President Thomas Jefferson recommended him for a job at the US Mint. But his work there was very limited dur to jealousy by Robert Scot, the Chief Engraver. But by 1807 Scot was elderly and Reich was given the task of redesigning the current coinage.

Miss Liberty now went from facing right to facing left. Her long, flowing locks of hair tied with a ribbon, were now pulled back, and tucked behind a wide headband upon which the word “LIBERTY” would now appear. Miss Liberty now looked older and more mature, perhaps in direct correlation to the fact that the country was now older, and we were in the 19th Century, not the 18th.

Reich’s design encircled Miss Liberty on the obverse of the coin with thirteen stars and the date remained below her bust. On the reverse, the value “ONE CENT” remained centered within the wreath. The words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” also remained encircling the wreath. The numerical denomination “1/100” was removed from below the wreath and not used at all.

These coins were struck from 1808 to 1814 as the War of 1812 slowed the shipment of blank planchets to America. In fact. the shortage was so great that no 1815-dated copper coins were struck by the US Mint.


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