California Fractional Gold

California Fractional Gold

California Fractional Gold and what it means:

Throughout the early years of the California gold rush there was a constant need for coinage to satisfy the commercial needs of a booming community being based on gold dust. California Fractional Gold was created to serve the need for currency for it's people as well as businesses. This created an economical rise for cities like San Francisco and the creation of many California Cities.

Why Buy California Fractional Gold?

Because most of the privately issued California Fractional Gold Coins are extremely rare today as most were melted down and converted into new gold coins that could be used Nationally by the U.S. mint. Coins graded by PCGS and NGC means they are the finest examples and these grading services have deemed these coins not only authentic, but worthy of being put into an encapsulated holder. Own a piece of California Gold Rush History today.

Fun Facts:

Most of the California Fractional Gold coins were made by the hammer method. Which means the coins were created by a process of striking where the bottom die was placed on a block, a blank was laid upon it, and the top die upon the blank; this top die was then struck by a sledgehammer. These hammer blows of varying intensity would cause potions of one side or edge to be weaker struck than another. These small coins ranged in fineness from 22 carats (24 being pure gold) to 14 carats. All contain substantially less gold than their face value, making them a form of token.

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