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LCR Coin will buy your rare coins, modern coins, and bullion. We source all of our NGC and PCGS certified inventory from the most reputable dealers across the country, but we also buy coins from our customers weather they are raw or certified. You have several options when selling to LCR Coin. You can take direct payment, you can apply your payment to a new purchase on our website or you can use that payment as credit for future purchases on

Selling to LCR Coin is Easy as 1-2-3

    1. Send us a list of your coins including date, type, condition, grade, serial numbers, service and quantity of each item you are looking to sell. This can be done via email at info@lcrcoin.comwebsite submission or phone 800-830-5578. For Rare and Modern Coins, we will make you a preliminary offer based on the information provided. (Please note we cannot lock in a price, until we have received your coins and can confirm condition, type, grade and authenticity. For Bullion products offers will be based off of spot prices at the time of the negotiation, but due to the ever-changing markets, prices will only be locked in once we receive the inventory, confirm spot price that day and confirm authenticity. If seller agrees to terms and preliminary offer, we will move forward to the next step.
    2. Ship us the inventory using USPS, Fed Ex or UPS. All packages must be shipped signature required. We advise you to insure your package(s). Please insert the packing slip we provide you with the preliminary offer(s).
    3. Upon receiving your package, we will inspect your inventory to confirm information in agreed packing slip is correct. This includes condition, grade, type, dates, grading service (if applicable), quantity and authenticity. Once information is confirmed we will reach out to you confirming buy price based on what our in-house Numismatist sees within 1 business day. If bullion products are sent, we will reach out to you with confirmed buy price based on spot that day. Once you agree we will send out a check USPS mail or send a bank wire within 1-2 business days.

*If for some reason the inventory is not what was described or the seller and LCR Coin cannot agree on a buy price based on what we see after we have inspected your package, your item(s) will be shipped back to you USPS insured signature required. 

Buying and Selling Details

Buy prices are based on wholesale market prices and the Metals Market spot pricing at the time the inventory is received. LCR Coin does not list buy prices on our website. We will NOT lock in buy prices until the items have been inspected by an LCR Coin Numismatist to ensure authenticity, quality, grade, and condition.

We’ll make Preliminary Offers to Sellers via phone or email based on information provided by the Seller, but no official Buy Offers can be extended or accepted until the inventory has been thoroughly inspected.

Once LCR Coin receives a Sell List from a Seller, a Preliminary Offer will be made within 1-2 business days. Upon acceptance of the Preliminary Offer, the Seller can ship their inventory to LCR Coin. Sellers are responsible for Shipping and Insurance on packages sent to LCR Coin unless otherwise agreed upon. Upon acceptance and inspection of the Seller’s inventory, LCR Coin will contact the Seller with a Buy Offer; based on the Preliminary Offer, Metals Market spot pricing at time the package was accepted, Wholesale Pricing, and inspection of Seller’s inventory. Buy Offers can be accepted or rejected by either party.

If the Buy Offer is accepted by the Seller, a check in the agreed upon amount will be mailed U.S. Postal Mail within 1-2 business days or by direct bank wire if previously agreed upon. If the Buy Offer is rejected by either party, LCR Coin will ship the Seller’s inventory back to the Seller with Shipping and Insurance included.