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The retired US Mint Director of Design and Engraving had an instrumental level of technical oversight during his tenure. 

For over 35 years, Harrigal applied his technical expertise to innovations involving the structural integrity of coins, which ultimately led to him serving as the US Mint Director of Design and Engraving from 2015 until his retirement in 2021. 

Among his contributions, Harrigal worked on planchet specifications for many coin programs, including the American Gold Buffalo and American Palladium Eagle coins; and alloy, dimensions and die specifications for large format coins. He provided design specifications for dies to create the first US-produced concave coins and managed the redesign of the American Silver and Gold Eagle coins in 2021. 

Additionally, Harrigal oversaw the first laser frosting application on a US Mint product and the implementation of the privy marks found on 2021 Morgan Dollars.

Who Is Ron Harrigal and Why Consider His Signature Coins?

Ron Harrigal's name has been associated with the United States Mint since 1985. After six years as a project engineer implementing capital and building improvements at the Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Point plants, he was promoted to Assistant Director for Engineering in 1991. Ron developed the first modern edge-lettered US coin and prototyped two-piece bimetal coin making. He also managed the die shop design and startup at the Denver Mint. 

Mr. Harrigal became department head for Information Technology, Human Resources, and Management Services in 1996 for the Circulation Coinage Business Unit of the United States Mint. He focused on computer modernization and recruitment/staff management in Denver and Philadelphia. 

He began to oversee design, quality, and research and development. This position allowed Ron to develop new die finishing techniques like laser frosting. He also improved coating processes that improved product quality and die lifespan. His work with other mints worldwide led to the fully digital process for coin layouts and designs for die-making that phased out pantograph-style Janvier engraving equipment. 

Ron Harrigal became acting Chief Engraver for over two years, starting in November 2010. During this time, he managed the creation/design of the Ultra-High 24k gold coin with raised edge lettering, improved die finishing techniques, and multi-level frosting on proof coins. 

He started as a Senior Advisor in 2013 and Quality Manager in 2015. From 2012-2014, he helped management with proposed coin legislation, design processes, and coin futures/options. Ron moved to Philadelphia in 2015 after being selected as the Director of Design and Engraving. Here, he managed the layout, sculpting, and engraving processes. He cut legacy processes and improved the time to market for new products. 

New coin and medal types were introduced under Ron Harrigal, including larger format high relief coins, new alloys, metals, and other features. He managed the American Eagle coin redesign in 2020 and implemented new security features. Ron prototyped laser-engraved die-making, perfected privy mark incorporation and implemented it, and prepared the United States Mint for next-generation coin making. 

He is associated with things like the triumphant return of the Morgan Peace Dollars. Ron retired in December of 2021. These qualifications and activities within the industry make him an ideal candidate for a signed coin series. We think his leadership and understanding provide authority to his signature and should make it a valuable asset to NGC-certified coins and those who collect them. 

LCR Coin will exclusively carry the former US Mint Director of Design and Engraving hand signed NGC Labels.