There are many dealers online who want to sell you Gold and Silver for your Precious Metals IRA. How do you choose who is right for you? How do you know who is dependable and will be there when you have questions? Who will be there today, tomorrow and years from now? The answer is LCR Coins.


Anyone can claim to be knowledgeable about Precious Metals, but LCR Coins is an acknowledged industry leader in Precious Metals. We deal with other experts as well as sovereign mints, including the United States Mint. We have weathered every up and down cycle of investment markets for decades. We have seen Recessions, Inflation, as well as Bull and Bear Markets. Our experts understand the current market situation, so their advice is not “cookie cutter” – it is tailored to your specific needs.


Longevity in the Precious Metals business comes from having a stellar reputation. We are very proud that 98% of our customers give us a 4- or 5-star rating. We are members of all major numismatic organizations, and we are well-known and trusted in the numismatic industry. Deal with an industry leader!

 3. PRICE:

A large number of IRA Brokers claim to be numismatic dealers but do not have the expertise or the contacts within the industry. More importantly, their pricing does NOT compare to LCR Coin’s pricing. Some companies offer IRA-Approved Precious Metals Products at outrageous prices. LCR Coin’s mission is to offer great products at competitive prices. The IRA-approved products are the staples of the Precious Metals market. They are generally not rare. Compare our prices and you will understand why so many collectors and investors buy their IRA Precious Metal products from us. The important thing is for you to own as many ounces as possible for your future. Put LCR Coin to the test! You WILL be very pleasantly surprised.

Whether you want to roll over a portion of your assets or fund a new retirement program with precious metals, call our Precious Metals experts today – 800-830-5578