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About us

LCR Coin has long distinguished itself in the collecting and investing markets for rare coins and gold bullion by it's unwavering commitment to integrity, professionalism, and transparency. Also, LCR Coin has strategically positioned itself in the market to fulfill its promises to our customers - whether they are novice collectors or seasoned investors.

The uniquely fluid markets now represent fantastic opportunities for buyers at all pricing levels and regardless of their prior buying and selling experience. We can say this with assurance because we have painstakingly tailored our products and services to be both diverse and accessible for experienced and inexperienced investors.

So whether you want to test the market for the first time with a few common-date United States gold coins or are ready to commit a significant sum of money to a precious metals IRA, you will find what you are looking for at LCR Coin

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The LCR Advantage

Your Tangible Asset Guru Specicalizing in Home Stored Gold IRA's and Numismatics.

LCR Coin is the clear leader in the collection and investment markets for rare coins and gold bullion. With a wide variety of products and services as well as our commitment to professionalism, integrity, and transparency, LCR Coin is uniquely situated in today's dynamic market to deliver the utmost in product quality and customer care to beginning collectors and seasoned investors alike.

Helping you navigate

The professionals at LCR Coin understand that the gold market can be intimidating to beginning collectors and investors. Rare coins and precious metals trade in a market built around its own unique language, buying, and selling products that are unlike any other tradable commodities.

The passion, history, and uniqueness of rare coins and many precious metal commodities are not present to the same degree in more traditional markets, such as those in which stocks and real estate trade.

Furthermore, market trends, insights, and other aspects governing value are constantly changing in the rare coin and gold bullion markets of the 21st century, meaning that even long-time buyers can easily lose their footing and miss out on important buying and selling opportunities.

We appreciate that our collectors and investors require expert advice and support throughout the collecting and investing process to feel confident in their decisions and maximize their returns. LCR Coin is committed to providing stellar support and guidance, and not just at the beginning of the process when the focus is on making a new purchase.

We are deeply involved in all aspects of the rare coin and gold bullion markets, from gold importation, to rare coin purchases and sales. Our commitment to integrity and transparency means we are always willing to share our expertise to ensure that our clients are confident and successful at all stages of their investing journey.

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