About Us

LCR Coin is based in the Texas and has been in business for over 30 years. Collectors, investors, and estates frequently seek out our expertise for valuation, acquisition, and liquidation. We serve an international clientele of buyers and sellers of Graded Rare Coins, Certified Modern Coins, American Silver Eagles, Mercanti Signed Silver Eagles, Ed Moy Signed American Silver Eagles, and Gold and Silver Bullion.

Our website presents a dynamic marketplace worthy of experienced collectors and first-time buyers or sellers. We update our inventory daily, which means that those hard-to-find items that you have been searching for could appear at any time. On top of offering a diverse selection, we provide a transparent environment regarding the quality and authenticity of every item.

Top Dealer Credentials

You deserve to work with trustworthy professionals who have earned an excellent reputation. We are both PCGS and NGC authorized dealers. These credentials are not given out lightly. PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) has been in operation since 1986 and only associates with reputable dealers. Additionally, the prestigious NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) provides third-party coin grading to determine the value of collectibles beyond their gold or silver market value by considering rarity, historical significance, origin, and beauty.

Our respected position within the global coin community attracts online customers who desire fine products, exceptional customer service, and professionalism. Altogether, we set the GOLD STANDARD for service that collectors and investors require.
We are your qualified online source for the following coin services:

  • Submitting a Coin for Grading
  • Coin Acquisitions
  • Coin and Collection Liquidations
  • Coin Auction Consulting
  • New Coin Collecting Portfolios
  • Certified Modern Coin Sets
  • Proof Gold & Silver
  • Gold & Silver Bullion Bars and Coinage
  • IRA Gold & Silver Rollover Kits
  • Portfolio Coin Collections
  • Estate Privacy and Liquidity
  • Legacy Wealth

How Do We Deliver GOLD STANDARD Customer Service?

We want all customers to feel confident about their transactions. We see every customer as an opportunity to build an ongoing relationship. We provide many services that add value to the lives of coin and precious metals collectors and investors. With this in mind, we treat every interaction with you as a test of our reliability and industry knowledge.

Trackable and Insured Free Shipping

Exceeding your expectations every time starts with FAST, FREE, and INSURED shipping. You do not have to pay extra for speedy and trackable shipping. Such things are not luxuries for coin enthusiasts. They are necessities.

Orders ship within one to three business days. If you have done business with us before and have an account in good standing, we appreciate your return and reward you with expedited shipping. As a result, we often turn around orders for repeat customers within one business day.

No minimum order size is required for us to provide free and insured shipping. We select trackable options from either the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx. The value of your order determines the choice of shipping carrier.

You of course will want to know your tracking number. We provide this information in your order shipment confirmation email. Should you choose to set up an account at LCR Coin, you can log into "My Account" and check the tracking number and status at any time.

Available to Answer Your Questions

Great customer service requires communication. Not every decision about whether to buy or sell a collection piece can happen without speaking to a knowledgeable coin dealer. This is why our team answers the company phone during business hours, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Of course you may email us as well, and we will respond as soon as possible.

On weekends, we continue to monitor emails and phone calls so that you can receive timely answers to your questions.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Your total satisfaction with our services is our number one goal. We love to talk about the coin business and provide accurate grading and valuations. With this in mind, we work hard to ensure that our enthusiasm translates into the results that you desire. Through honesty, expertise, and fine products and collectibles, we deliver an exceptional experience that has gained us stellar reviews at Trust Pilot and Shopper Approved.

Superior Buying Experience

Our reputation as an internationally recognized coin marketplace has grown from our delight in the world of coin collecting and precious metals. We have designed the shopping experience that we would want for ourselves. The result is a retail website that is easy to browse. NGC or PCGS certifications for products are always readily available so that you can compare products. Because we know that buying decisions may not happen quickly, our store has a Wishlist feature. You can assign items that interest you into a separate list that helps you avoid losing track of everything that catches your eye.

We extend a 7-day return policy to our customers. This time period grants you the ability to inspect your purchases and confirm that you have made the right buying decision for you. This return policy is just another element of our philosophy of total customer satisfaction.

On top of a retail user interface that lets you focus on products instead of figuring out website navigation, we respect your privacy. Our web store is not used to collect leads for sales brokers. Our company does not bother you with sales calls or sell your information.

Direct Coin Buying

We are very interested in talking to sellers. Although our company routinely acquires inventory from dealers, we welcome the chance to do business directly with any collector or estate wishing to sell. Please contact us and provide the details about the pieces that you wish to sell. After we confirm all details, we can move forward with making an offer.

Personal Service and Strategic Guidance

For generations, people have collected or invested in silver and gold. Whether you are new to this subject matter or an experienced collector, valuation of a rare coin can be difficult to pin down. We are here to advise you on your options for grading and valuing an item in your collection. To authenticate a coin and arrive at a value that the market recognizes, you may ultimately have to submit it to NGC or PCGS for evaluation. For a modest fee, we can help you prepare a submission.

Our personal service also extends to helping people build or liquidate a collection or invest for retirement. We recognize that you have individual goals. Once we understand your priorities, we can alert you to acquisition opportunities or bring pieces that you wish to sell to market.

In these days when traditional securities encompass a range of risks and unknowns, retirement investors are increasingly adding gold and silver to their portfolios. Because your typical financial planner or stock broker might not have much insight about these assets, we provide expertise in this arena.

Whatever goals that you wish to pursue, our market knowledge could improve your position. Although coins and bullion attract people for a variety of reasons, everyone appreciates the expert insights that we can offer. We can help you identify trustworthy sources for online purchases and establish a long-term strategy.

IRA Silver and Gold Retirement Investing

Self-directed IRAs have given people new opportunities to expand their retirement investments beyond stocks and bonds. The Internal Revenue Service allows for the acquisition of silver and gold assets for an IRA. Helping people navigate this process represents one of our specialized services.

LCR Coin assists investors who wish to diversify their retirement assets. If you have an IRA or 401(k) that you can rollover, we can handle the paperwork that converts it to a gold IRA. Upon finalizing the paperwork, we apply your converted funds to the purchase of your gold investment.

Precious metals offer an effective method for diversifying your assets. True diversification relies on more than just buying stocks in different companies and industries. Gold and silver represent liquid assets completely separate from stock markets.

As experts in the precious metals market, we are well positioned to evaluate your goals and make recommendations about how to proceed. During the 2008 financial crisis, our founder gained firsthand knowledge about gold IRAs while helping investors salvage their retirement savings. Due to the liquidity and demand for gold that has persisted for thousands of years of human history, a gold IRA has the power to exert a stabilizing force on a portfolio during turbulent times.

For investors and collectors who already have gold IRAs set up, we have designed our marketplace for the convenient acquisition of new assets. We have special merchandising categories that highlight IRA-approved silver and gold.

Rare Coin Auction Preparation

Auctions provide opportunities to achieve a high selling price, but you have more work to do than simply putting your collectibles on the auction block. Our auction consulting service can promote your goals in multiple ways.

We can help you:

  • Determine valuation
  • Identify collection pieces best suited to an auction
  • Gauge market interest
  • Decide what the auction reserve price should be
  • Select an appropriate auction venue
  • Choose marketing methods

Experience, Knowledge, and Integrity

We work hard to deliver the experience that you desire when you choose to buy or sell. Our credentials, excellent reviews, and fully transparent business environment have earned the confidence of our customers for decades.

Whether you view yourself as a novice or veteran collector of investor, our resources can help you succeed. We live and breathe in the world of coin and precious metals investing every day and want our knowledge to result in beneficial transactions for our customers.

We will either have immediate answers to your questions or know how to track down the accurate information that you need regarding your collection.

Call us today at (800) 830-5578