LCR Coin has long distinguished itself in the collecting and investing markets for Rare Coins and Gold and Silver Bullion by its unwavering commitment to integrity, professionalism, and transparency. The uniquely fluid markets now represent fantastic opportunities for buyers at all pricing levels and regardless of their prior buying and selling experience.

Whether you want to start or add to your rare coin portfolio or have a collection of Rare Coins you inherited and are ready to sale, we are able guide you through your options to achieve the best results.

About Louis Palafoutas

I have been in the precious metals industry for over 30 years. I have seen many notable market moments. I have been part of many significant trades and supply relationships for everything from large commercial trading houses including the United States Mint to many of the well-known dealers. I know all things precious metals from hedging to sales and all of the supply-chain in between.

I have spent my career supplying companies specializing in gold IRA’s and marketing gold and silver coins. I can easily show you what to avoid and why. That’s the result of working with someone who has dedicated over three decades to this industry. I watch others come and go, I watch new groups form as spin-offs from other groups of rotating sales and marketing people who are in business to make a profit. No problem there, profit is not a four-letter word but think about it. If you have large National television campaigns and paid spokespersons, you need a lot of profit. Believe me, I know, I have supplied and worked with many of these companies and the principals involved. This led me to one inescapable conclusion. This is my industry that I take very seriously and not all these business people passing through see it the same way I do. It was clear to me. Take my vast network of supply relationships and product knowledge and provide the best products at the best prices to people who want to accomplish what I have accomplished, the safety and peace of mind of owning Rare Coins and physical Gold and Silver.

Moving into 2018 my focus will be two asset classes, higher end rare coins and diversifying stock market paper wealth into tangible assets. Higher end rare coins because this sector of the market continues to show robust growth as a “sellers’ market”, supply will never meet demand. I strongly believe that everyone should take at least a portion of paper stocks, bonds and paper fiat currency and convert it now to tangible gold, silver and rare coins. Now more than ever you should own gold and unless you have it in your possession you really don’t own it.

The LCR Advantage

Your Tangible Asset Guru Specializing in Rare Coins and Gold and Silver Bullion Coins and Bars.

LCR Coin is the clear leader in the collection and investment markets for Rare Coins and Gold and Silver Bullion. With a wide variety of products and services as well as our commitment to professionalism, integrity, and transparency.


Experience Is Key

When it comes to making the right investments with right company, trust is a crucial factor. After successfully navigating this industry for over three decades, LCR coin is a clear industry leader and has earned the trust and respect of its clients.