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For over three decades, investors and collectors have trusted us with their rare coin and gold investments. We specialize in Rare Coins and Bullion products as well as Home Storage Gold IRA's and Former 401K’s. We offer a wide selection of gold investment options for our clients.

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Did you know?

  • Gold is widely considered to be a "safe haven" asset, which means it’s a great potential hedge against the eroding dollar and inflation.
  • Gold is, according to many experts, a great portfolio diversification strategy.
  • Easily passed on to children and grandchildren when the time is right.
  • Recognized worldwide as a financial and monetary asset.
  • Timing is everything, and many experts now agree that gold is set to see new highs in the near future.

A Letter From The Founder

Louis Palafoutas

My name is Louis Palafoutas and I welcome you to our website. By way of introduction, I have over three decades of experience in the precious metals industry. During my time in this industry, I have been involved with many significant trades and large-scale supply relationships - including the United States Mint and most well-known gold dealers.

I started out supplying gold to companies specializing in gold IRA’s. I later became involved with the sales and marketing end of the business. Next, my partner and I created one of the more well known companies. I had the distinct honor of counting the 38th Director of the United States Mint as a colleague, who served as our Chief Market Strategist.

Today I have set my focus on two distinct asset classes: Home Stored Gold IRAs and high-end Rare Coins. Rare Coins are a favorite specialty of mine because of their private portability and they continue to show strong growth and I believe supply will never meet demand.

After much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that our country is heading into some very dark economic times. At the same time the American middle-class has been destroyed, Wall Street has reported several years of outrageous profits. Coincidence? I think not - Wall Street has enjoyed an injection of cheap money that was originally designated to stimulate the overall economy. So how did they choose to spend it? They simply invested in their own banks, leaving the rest of America behind.
It has become my mission to help as many Americans as I can free themselves of this “fabricated recovery” before it’s too late. I strongly believe that everyone should take at least a portion of their IRA or former 401K’s and upgrade to a Home Stored Gold IRA. Today you should own gold - and unless you have it in your possession, you really don’t own it. 

Experience is Key

When it comes to making the right investments with right company, trust is a crucial factor. After successfully navigating this industry for over three decades, LCR coin is a clear industry leader and has earned the trust and respect of it’s clients.


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