Pre-1933 U.S. Gold Coins

Pre-1933 U.S. Gold Coins

Learn More about our U.S. Pre-1933 Gold Coins. We have the largest Selection of Certified Graded Pre-1933 Gold. All of our coins are Certified by PCGS and NGC, the top two most respected coin grading services in the U.S. We have all grades and populations at all price ranges.


Pre-1933 Gold Coins and Why You Should Buy Them


The First United States minted gold coins went into circulation in 1795.  The Half Eagle ($5) was the first and the Eagle ($10) was released later that year. The Quarter Eagle ($2.50) followed in 1796. Draped Gold Bust arrived from 1795-1807. The Capped Bust from 1807-1834. Classic Head from 1834-1839. Liberty Heads from 1838-1907. Gold $20 Liberty Head Double Eagle Gold coins made their debut in 1849 and were eventually replaced by the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle. California Gold Rush Coins were minted from 1849-1856. The $1 coins are the smallest coins ever made by the United States only measuring 13mm. These coins were very easy to lose and hold on to. These $1 gold coins were in circulation until about 1889.  In 1854 the $3 Gold piece emerged with the same obverse as the Indian Princess Head $1 gold piece that made its debut also in 1854. The $3 gold coin ceased production in 1889 as well. Then there was the Stella ($4) Pattern Gold coin. This coin was produced for to explore the possibility of joining the Latin Monetary Union. These were only minted from 1879 to 1880. These coins are highly valuable in today’s market.  Classic Commemorative Coins began to be issued in 1892, but not intended for circulation.  The first Commemorative to hit circulation was the 1903 Louisiana Purchase Expo Dollar and was struck in two varieties. We then fast forward to the Saint Gaudens $20 Double Eagle first minted in 1907 followed by the Indian Head ($10), Indian Head Half, ($5) and Quarter ($2.50) Eagles starting in 1908. These coins were minted until 1933.

These historic gold coins served as currency and were used in daily life up until 1933.  In the early 1930’s President Roosevelt recalled all gold coins that were in circulation, even asking the public to turn their gold coins in.  His plan was to help relieve the burden of The Great Depression. Most of these coins were melted down into gold bars, with a small percentage surviving.  That’s what makes these gold coins so rare, valuable and collectible. Buying Pre-1933 Gold Coins is owning and investing in a piece of American History. These coins are very valuable in today’s market and worth many times more than their face value and gold content. As time goes on, these coins will continue to grow in value and rarity.

How Can I buy Pre-1933 Gold Coins?

Here at LCR Coin we believe in Experience, Knowledge, and Integrity. All of our rare coins have links to their NGC or PCGS certification, so that you may view the coins certification of the actual coin you are looking at. You may also view the coins population; how many were graded in a higher grade and the coins mint-mark. The images of rare coins you are viewing on our website are of the actual coin. We have a large magnification tool so that you may view the coin close up in detail. Our coin categories are in numismatic sort for your viewing pleasure. Our online catalog features a Safe Secure Checkout and you will always receive FREE insured shipping with tracking. No minimums. Shop with confidence and enjoy our online catalog. Thank you for shopping with LCR Coin, your Rare Coin leader.


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