$2.5 Draped Quarter Eagle

$2.5 Draped Quarter Eagle

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Draped Bust $2.50 Gold 1808

In 1808, John Reich was asked to redesign a number of gold coins and the $2.50 Gold Liberty was among them. Reich now had Miss Liberty to face the left. He removed the turban style cap from her head and placed a slave cap on her head. Miss Liberty was now surrounded by 13 six-pointed stars, seven to the left and six to the right. The word LIBERTY was inscribed on the headband on her cap.

The reverse style changed from the Heraldic Eagle to a more traditional but military-looking eagle with upraised wings. The Legend “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” surmounted the eagle on the reverse. Below the eagle, the denomination was captured as “2 ½ D.” The eagle held three arrows in her left talon and an olive branch in her right.


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