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Our world is a fast-moving place. Things change in an instant. You are rightfully concerned about your future and your heir’s future. Whether we are experiencing a stock market crash, a worldwide pandemic, supply chain shortages, or rampant Inflation - YOUR life savings are at risk.

Do you remember the 2007-2011 Housing Crisis and Recession? During the Crisis of 2007-2011, many retirement funds dropped 20% to 30% or more. Your retirement assets are always subject to the risks of the market.

How do you know that your hard-earned dollars will be there when YOU need them? You need to do everything that you can to protect your assets for you and your family to enjoy.

So, what are the 3 reasons why YOU need a GOLD IRA?


 Inflation has been quiet over the last decade. But no longer. According to CNBC, “The Consumer Price Index (CPI), an inflation guide that measures costs across dozens of items, rose 7% in December (2021) from a year earlier, THE FASTEST PACE SINCE JUNE 1982!

Dramatic price increases affected prices for food and beverages, housing, apparel, transportation, medical care, recreation, education and communications, and other goods and services, virtually affecting all sectors of the economy. The CNBC report continued:

 “Inflation plowed ahead at its fastest 12-month pace in nearly 40 YEARS during December (2021), according to a closely watched gauge the Labor Department released Wednesday.”  

 To respond to this rampant inflation, we will like see rate hikes by the Federal Reserve which will increase the costs of borrowing for everyone. Fox Business commented:

 "The Federal Reserve will most likely raise interest rates earlier than anticipated to control inflation," said Dawit Kebede, senior economist at the Credit Union National Association. "This is in addition to ending its support for the economy in the form of large asset purchases. This will raise the cost of borrowing for consumers and will reduce excess demand for goods."

 For you and your family this means higher prices, less availability, and more worry and concern. Will your retirement funds be there when YOU need them? How can you protect them against the ravages of inflation? 


 Investopedia describes Asset Allocation (Diversification) as follows:

 “Asset allocation is an investment portfolio technique that aims to balance risk by dividing assets among major categories such as cash, bonds, stocks, (etc.) Each asset class has different levels of return and risk, so each will behave differently over time.”

The modern portfolio theory is a realistic and traditional method of selecting investments in order to maximize their overall returns, while assuming only an acceptable level of risk. In 1952, American economist Harry Markowitz pioneered this theory in his paper "Portfolio Selection," which was published in the Journal of Finance. It has become the cornerstone premise of Asset Allocation and it is as true today as it was back in 1952.

Diversification provides an investor with the greatest opportunity for success. Are YOUR retirement assets diversified? Or are you taking too much risk?


Remember the 2007-2011 Housing Crisis we mentioned earlier? While that was happening to stocks, bonds and mutual funds, Gold climbed from $866.60 in January of 2007 to $2,239.28 in August of 2011. That is a price increase of more than 158%!

While the past performance is no guarantee of future success, Precious Metals have a track record of moving in the opposite direction of the stock market. Owning Precious Metals is like having an insurance policy for your retirement.


So now you know WHY you need a Precious Metal IRA (commonly referred to as a GOLD IRA) but how do you start the process? With IRA Rollovers, Precious Metal IRAs, IRA Custodians, IRA Trustees, and all of the federal rules and requirements you need guidance and assistance at every step of the process.

And that is where the GOLD IRA Experts at LCR Coin come to the rescue We can take the mystery and confusion out of the process and help put YOU on the right path to achieve your goals.

Need more information, check the other pages in this section, or for faster action simply fill out the form below, or better yet call our IRA experts at 800-830-5578