Your Gold IRA – Historical Gold Coins

Your Gold IRA – Historical Gold Coins

The Kingdom of Lydia Unless you’re an enthusiastic history buff, you have likely not heard of Lydia. Lydia was an iron age kingdom that once existed where the modern country of Turkey exists now. It is generally accepted that Lydia was the first to create and use gold and silver coins. Considering that this is thought to have been around 12 BC, it is a little hard to verify completely, but chances are the assets in your gold IRA are descendants of the currency first used in Lydia.

The Roman Empire

Better known than the long-gone kingdom of Lydia, the Roman Empire was a major step in the use of gold coins. From 200-400 AD, the Roman Empire minted millions of gold coins, which was unheard of up until that point in history. These coins were used to pay their legions and spread throughout Europe. With the fall of the Roman Empire came the collapse of all the advancements they made, and it would be almost a thousand years before coins were used again. Even today, many European countries are still discovering long-buried Roman coins. Although the coins in your gold IRA are a little more modern, there is something to be said for the classic, antiquated look of Roman coins.

The Medieval Period

While it took almost a thousand years for gold coins to make their reappearance, their proliferation throughout Medieval Europe was fast. The supply for gold was increasing with the emerging cultures in Europe, and each country was producing its own supply of gold coins. As this period emerged the Anglo-Saxon pound emerged with it, and was used throughout the Medieval period onwards. This type of coin went on to establish the British pound sterling, thought to be the oldest currency still in use today.

Gold Coins and Your Gold IRA

Just with this brief look at the history of gold coins, we see the classic, historical value of this particular item of currency. Investing in a gold IRA and buying gold from LCR Coin means that you get to keep a piece of this long, rich history. Not only that, but you get the security and stability of precious metals in your own home. Contact LCR Coin today to start your collection.]]>

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