Buy Rare Coins

Buy Rare Coins

LCR coin is a professional rare coin dealer. We specialize in hard to find and rare classic US coins. LCR Coins sells certified rare coins graded by NGC and PCGS.

We have been in business for over 30 years with billions of dollars worth of coins sold since 1985. Our large selection of rare coins and precious metals products are second to none. We currently stock over 1,500 rare hard-to-find and rare classic US coins. At times we have close to 2,000 rare and hard-to-find coins on our site! Want to see the latest rare and hard to find coins that have been added to our online rare coin shop? Click here to see our latest rare coins added to our shop.

We sell some of the most sought after rare and hard to find coins. For example:

Our inventory is consistently updated throughout the day. We have new rare and hard to find coins added daily during the weekdays. So check back often and several times per day to see our newly listed rare coins for sale.

LCR coin does not only sell rare and hard to find coins we also sell Gold and Silver bullion coins and bars. Some of our Gold bullion products include 1 oz American Gold Eagle coins, 1 oz ounce Gold Maple Leaf coins, 1 oz Credit Suisse gold bars, 1 oz Queen’s Beast gold dragon of Wales coins. and last but not least 1 oz American Gold Buffalo’s.  Our silver bullion collection includes items such as 1 oz American Silver Eagle coins, 1 oz Canadian silver maple leaf coins, proof silver American Eagle coins and also one ounce silver Philharmonic coins. All of our gold and silver bullion products are IRA eligible.

Visit our online store or give us a call today! We want to tell you about how we want to earn your business!

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