Creating a portfolio of certified rare coins, a story of two types of collectors

Creating a portfolio of certified rare coins, a story of two types of collectors

There are two types of collectors when it comes to rare coins. First is the hobbyist who has enjoyed collecting coins all since childhood. Second is the investor who has discovered the value of adding tangible rare coins to their investment portfolio.

The hobbyist has taken pleasure in sorting through coins since childhood. For them it is the hunt and the collection start with what is found. An Indian Cent, a Buffalo Nickel there, a Standing Liberty Quarter and so on. What started as a random accumulation starts to take focus. Maybe the budding Numismatist starts to see a complete date run of Indian Cents. As they learn about what is good and not good to add to the collection, they realize the complete set is best to all in PCGS, (Professional Coin Grading Service), certified rare coin holders. It is better to add the red examples (RD) over red brown (RB) or brown (BR), graded in Proof, (PR) and Mint State, (MS). This makes the run more attractive as an accomplishment and greater value later.

The above example just relates to copper coins. Other series of coins are just as desired certified by NGC, (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation), or PCGS. There are so many areas of coin types to collect. It might be Early Dollars and all the die variations that can be found. Early gold like $10 Gold Eagles or $5 Half Eagles or $2.50 Quarter Eagles. Most of the early coinage denominations still exist today, one cent penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar and dollars, including the very popular Morgan Dollar. Of course, from dollars on we use paper notes now instead of real money. Even coins are the metal version of paper in that the base metals are also worthless.

Other coins that don’t exist anymore are half cents, two cents, three cents, three cent nickels, half dimes, the earliest dimes known as disme and the twenty cent piece. At LCR Coin you can buy all these rare coins online. All are certified by PCGS or NGC and all are confirmed in value by these same companies in their posted price guides. LCR Coin makes it even simpler in that we add a link to this price guide information from either PCGS or NGC depending on what certified holder the coin is being offered in. Enjoy collecting from a company that is a PCGS Certified Dealer, an NGC Certified Dealer and a member of the ANA, (American Numismatic Association).

The second collector, the investor, (of course many can be a combination of both types), this person has a goal of diversifying wealth out of paper investments and adding tangible investments that are both historic, fun and a sound investment. Typically, after dabbling a bit in lower priced coins that are common and available in larger numbers, they then realize this is not where the best returns are.

Once they understand that price is driven by availability or population they begin to focus on “low population” coins, rare coins. In the industry known as low pop coins. In these ultra rarities live terms like “Finest Known” or “Among Finest Known”, or population information posted like pop 2/1 which would mean one of two in this grade with only one better.

Now the investor is accumulating Private Portable Wealth. If his paper investments price corrects or depreciate, if the paper dollar loses value he now has insurance in place. Their portfolio is diversified. All the coin types mentioned above apply to both collectors. LCR Coin is ready to help and advise both collectors in accomplishing their goals. Their goals are more similar than different in the end.

Enjoy your collections whichever type of collector you are. Buy rare coins online from LCR Coin. Our rare coin inventory changes daily with new examples. We have over 2,000 rare certified coins online every day for you to browse. Shopping is easy and paying is safe and easy. Buy from the Numismatic Professionals at LCR Coin.

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