Expertise through Experience

Expertise through Experience

The rare coin market is hotter than ever. New highs are being set routinely in auction results for better date rare coins. What is a better date rare coin? In this question population of a coin in a denomination, from a year, from a given mint, in a given grade, by a recognized grading service is everything. A recent article in a popular coin publication used the term ‘The rarest of rare coins are those that are so rare that none exists’. Now something that rare might be hard to collect, and the article is referring to circulating story of a coin that shouldn’t exist but does. The point is when choosing what coins to add to your rare coin investment portfolio don’t buy an example of a coin that represents a quantity of available examples greater than the market wants to buy at a given time. Of this there are many, tens, hundreds of thousands in a given year, mint, grade. You want to purchase examples of coins that represent a known quantity that is less than the market wants. This is when you hear terms like the population is 30 with 10 better. What does this mean? Let’s say it is referring to an 1881 Morgan Dollar graded by PCGS in MS66. In this case the real population reference would be 190/5 or 190 coins known or submitted and achieving a grade of MS66 with only 5 being graded higher, in this case MS67. Let’s say you were buying the same coin in MS67 that would be known as 1 of 5 with none finer. Now you are building a collection of rare coins that when sold will be offered, hopefully, to more buyers than coins known of this example. This drives new higher prices in rare coins.

Back to the title, expertise through experience, this is who we are, what we do. Rare coin companies can either sell you what they have like any retail company. This isn’t a horrible idea for them but is it best for you? We help you build a credible competent collection that will benefit you and your loved ones for years to come. Contact us to find out by buying rare coins online or calling us to discuss the best plan for you. We are always here to help. The staff at LCR Coin.

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