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Facing The Facts

Investors should hold at least 15-25% of their assets in gold. Adding gold to your IRA makes this possible.


Let’s face the facts for a moment. As a country, we have created unsustainable debt. As our debt approaches an unfathomable 19 trillion dollars, you should know it took us over 200 years to create the first trillion in debt. Yet since 2008, our debt has skyrocketed an additional 18 trillion dollars. We have simply reached the point of no return.

Every year Congress likes to debate whether to raise the debt ceiling. The ironic part is that they all know they have no choice; it just can’t be paid down. It follows that soon the debt bubble will explode. This will result in a global currency reboot, and people that own gold will be better financially prepared for this reboot.

In the past, paper stocks and bonds through your stock broker or retirement adviser was all you could do. They choose what works for the portfolio they decide and your involvement is to read a statement. Have you been happy with this system?

Now, a Self-Directed IRA gives you back control. You don’t have a stock broker picking paper stocks based on a portfolio they provide. You can add tangible physical gold and silver to your portfolio stored safely and securely in an IRS approved depository.

Gold IRA Benefits

We convert paper into a Gold IRA. We provide full service in aiding you in this process

Ease Of Transfer

LCR Coin, Inc. walks their clients through their set of circumstances and files all the paperwork required for a “quick and easy” conversion into a Gold IRA.

Tax-Free Conversion

The conversion of your current IRA, or former 401K, into a Gold IRA is a tax-free, custodian-to-custodian process that’s done with absolutely no tax consequences.

100% Gold Ownership

Once all the paperwork is completed and your account is set up with your new custodian, we purchase the physical gold and ship it to the IRS approved depository of your choice.

Why Hold Gold In An IRA?

Investment Diversification

 Planning for retirement can be challenging and confusing. The ups and downs of the stock market convince most investors of the importance of diversifying their retirement investments. Utilizing gold can help accumulate and preserve sufficient wealth to retire securely.


 You should own gold and silver as an important way to protect your assets from high inflation and the ravages of the falling dollar, but gold and silver are also considered liquid assets, meaning they can readily be converted into cash.

Tax Deferred (Or Tax-Free) Growth

The single most powerful benefit of an IRA is that it enables investments to grow on a tax-deferred basis. By utilizing the tax advantages IRAs have to offer, an investor is capable of significant growth beyond that of similar investments made outside of an IRA.

By properly utilizing the tax-deferred or tax-free benefits afforded by GOLD IRA accounts, investment earnings are able to grow at a much faster rate than those without this tax status.

The decision to open a Gold IRA all comes down to this: are your investments inside your current IRA performing at a rate that you are satisfied with? If not, you owe it to yourself to diversify some of those assets into a Gold IRA and start earning for your future.

Open Your Gold IRA Today:

Go from paper statements to solid, physical gold in your hand.

Open Your Gold IRA Today: