What Do JP Morgan And John Mercanti Have In Common?

What Do JP Morgan And John Mercanti Have In Common?

Some recent and current events related to the dollar, stocks and precious metals markets are creating turmoil. Stocks in recent weeks have had days of wild swings as the norm. Losing and recovering huge chunks of market value. Many Americans who have built their nest eggs based on investment companies piling their portfolios in these instruments and have been watching their statement value ebb and flow. Most of these hard-working people have trusted the system to do right by them. Many have already been burned once 10 years ago already delaying their retirement. This may not end pretty.

The dollar has been the short-term safe haven rising to new heights as the best of all the paper-based insurance. This also in recent weeks has finally been changing. I say finally because from my desk it was never if, only when.

Then there is Tangible Assets, Gold, Silver and Rare Coins and Modern Certified Investment Bullion Coins. In this Trader’s opinion any responsible portfolio would have some of all three groups above. A traditional stock portfolio handled by a traditional investment firm for the good times. Some bullion in the form of US Mint gold and silver coins or bars for the bad times. Some rare coins to represent Private Portable Wealth. Last, some Modern Graded Certified Coins by NGC and PCGS in perfect Proof 70 condition. This last group represents a combination of bullion, rare coins and private portable wealth factors and should be part of any portfolio. In this regard we always recommend the American Silver Eagles in NGC holders graded in perfect PF70 condition. We always recommend one Silver Eagle over all others, the John Mercanti Signed Silver Eagle in NGC Ultra Cameo PF70 and we do this for a few reasons. One, John Mercanti designed the reverse of the silver eagle. No other signed US Mint coinage can make this claim. Two, it always has and will maintain the highest demand over any and all other examples. Three, it has and will maintain the strongest investment return. The John Mercanti Signed Silver Eagle in NGC Ultra Cameo PF70 is the best Investment Modern Coin collected.

Why silver? Out of all precious metals we feel silver has the most upside potential. In the past silver always traded at a 15:1 ratio with gold. The Coinage Act of 1792 proclaimed that silver’s value of 15:1 to gold was law in the United States. This meant that one troy ounce of gold was worth 15 troy ounces of silver. Gold and silver stayed within this ratio for more than two hundred years. Where is this ratio today? Greater than 80:1 and has been since the last financial melt down 10 years ago. At that time, we decided to print our way out of financial crisis by creating trillions of dollars out of thin air, gold acted accordingly. Did silver follow? NO.

So now the question is what will gold and silver do? Will gold trade back down to $250? Not very likely given everything else that has happened and for the most part will continue to happen. In our opinion, it is much more likely that silver will rise in value back to the historical ratio bringing silver to $80 or higher. That represents a 500% return on investment based on today’s price of silver. In this scenario also including John Mercanti Signed Silver Eagle in NGC Ultra Cameo PF70’s as part of your portfolio represents an additional investment potential that could be even many times greater.

In closing, here is one hint that could reveal what others might be preparing for. JP Morgan now owns 700 million ounces of silver. Why would the largest investment and commercial bank in the United States be hoarding silver? If JP Morgan is buying quantities of silver, maybe so should you.

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