Best Safes for Your Gold Collection

Best Safes for Your Gold Collection

Mar 29th 2020

Posted by LCR Coin

So you’ve made your first gold purchase. Congratulations! Now you must take the next necessary step and make sure you have a way to keep your precious metals safe and tucked away. If you’re like most people, you probably prefer to keep your gold collection stored away, far from the curious eyes of neighbors, friends and even family members. Stashing your gold collection in an unlikely place inside your home is highly recommended. Many people will hide their precious metals inside hidden wall shelves or misleading containers that a thief would not consider searching upon breaking into the home. Additionally, it would be wise to only tell one or two trusted individuals where you have placed it. On the other hand, if hiding your gold collection under lock and key is more up your alley, a heavy duty safe may be the best option for you.

Qualities To Look for In a Safe for Your Gold Collection

If you’ve settled on storing your gold collection in a safe somewhere inside your home, a safe from Walmart or Home Depot simply will not do. These safes are too easily penetrated and many will not protect from water, fire or even withstand the test of time. To ensure the safety of your gold collection, you will need an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) rated safe -- preferably of the class TL-15 or higher. This class status means that a professional safe cracker could not penetrate the safe within an allotted 15 minutes, even with tools. Most often, you can find these kind of safes at a trusted safe retailer. If you’re unsure which safe companies are most reputable, please ask your Home Stored Gold IRA investor for suggestions. If you are going to invest in a proper safe in which to safely store your gold collection, you should expect to spend at least $1.500. Solid safes of this caliber will protect your precious metals from fire damage, water damage and break-ins. A few examples of trustworthy brands and models include:

  • American Security Amvault TL-15 CE-3524 High Security Composite Safe
  • International Fortress 15 Composite TL-15 With Combo Spin Lock
  • Hollon PM-1814 TL-15 Safe

If you would like additional assistance finding a quality safe for your precious metal investment, consult your Home Stored Gold IRA investor. Our team is happy to offer suggestions for quality safe retailers that can be trusted to provide only the strongest safes for your gold and silver investments.]]>