Collecting Rare Coins Can Be Fun And Rewarding

Collecting Rare Coins Can Be Fun And Rewarding

Mar 29th 2020

Posted by LCR Coin

Collecting coins can be fun and rewarding. One impression some may have that is incorrect is it is an expensive hobby. It is not. Buying rare coins online from offers many inexpensive examples of some great coins. Here are some fitting examples:

1941 25C Washington Quarters PCGS MS67

1940 5C Proof Jefferson Nickels PCGS PR67

1942-S 50C Walking Liberty Half Dollars PCGS MS65

1935-D 25C Washington Quarters PCGS MS64

1864 1C L On Ribbon BN MS Indian Cents PCGS AU55

1921-D S$1 Morgan Dollars NGC MS65

1935-D 5C Buffalo Nickels PCGS MS65

1914 1C RD Lincoln Cents PCGS MS64

These are all currently available on our site. They are all certified by PCGS or NGC and can be had for under $300 each. One thing that sets rare coins apart from other investments is their rarity. The 1941 Quarter above in MS67 is one of only 109 graded by PCGS in that grade with only 1 better. To buy that coin for under $300 is excellent value.

If you are new to coin collecting, then start by learning what makes one coin rarer than another. Every coin denomination produced by the U.S. Mint is based on a production run at one of the Mint facilities. If it is the Philadelphia Mint then the resulting Mint Mark would be P but since the bulk of coins are produced by the Mint and those coins have no Mint Mark as a default designation, no Mint Mark = P for Philadelphia. The other Mints are San Francisco (S), Denver, (D). Examples from the past include Carson City, (CC), Charlotte, (C) and New Orleans, (O) among others.

Now you can take a given denomination from a given year produced at a given Mint in each grade and look for rarities or understand why one coin might be valued many multiples over another. It is driven by the population of that coin in that grade from that Mint made that year.

Happy hunting and good luck building your collections.