Nothing Makes Sense

Nothing Makes Sense

Mar 29th 2020

Posted by LCR Coin

In a surprise move the Fed cut interest rates a full .50 point this morning in an effort to stimulate us past the Coronavirus slowdown. Stocks initially rose and gold surged but now stocks are in negative territory once again. Even if there is a modest positive effect clearly this is less than the intended result. The Fed can’t just say never mind and take it back. They reacted to pressure and now they are stuck.

It is not a stable market when stocks and precious metals all swing so wildly. The markets are in turmoil thrashing about not sure where to go or what to do.

In coming months and years this could negatively impact everything from inflation to housing to your investments. Most Americans have most of their worth tied up in property followed by 401k’s and IRA’s and savings. What happens if housing slides, markets correct and savings don’t earn. We could potentially be headed to negative interest rates. What does that mean? It costs you money to keep your money in the bank. It doesn’t earn, it costs you. Did you ever think you would see that in your lifetime?

Do you have insurance? Clearly none of these emergency measures are working. We haven’t even begun to understand the impact of a global economy shut down because of a new pandemic. What happens to all you have earned if industries shut down? Travel stops Shopping stops? Going out doing normal things all comes to a stop?

You need to own some gold. Physical gold and silver. In our opinion gold and silver eagles made by the U.S. Mint. You should also consider rare coins as private portable wealth. You need tangible assets and you need to call us to find out more. 800-830-5578 |