Recent Global Events Are A Wake-up Call

Recent Global Events Are A Wake-up Call

Mar 29th 2020

Posted by LCR Coin

Owning gold and silver is part of every smart portfolio. Just like one of your insurance policies. You have health insurance in case you get sick. You have a homeowners policy in case of flood or fire. Having these policies gives you "peace of mind". Owning gold and silver is a "peace of mind" policy for your investments.

Gold is part of current events. Everyone is aware of what is happening in the news, global uncertainty. Gold performed right on queue and you should be impressed. We edged towards WWIII and gold responded accordingly, as it always has.

You should see this as a preview that can and will happen. It never does until it does and then without warning there we are. Potential war recently, financial global meltdown 10 years ago, the dot com bubble at the turn of the century. It isn't if, it's when, are you ready?

Our future has some imminent possibilities, war for sure, the collapse of the dollar likely, a major market correction certainly, civil unrest maybe, natural disaster probably, are you ready?

Do you know one thing in common all who lived very well during the last depression had? They all kept their gold regardless of what they were told. They knew better. Everyone else turned in their gold and traded it for paper at the bank as they were told. What did gold do after that? The value of gold rose 60%.

If you are going to buy gold and silver bullion you need to buy gold and silver American Eagles. I have been recommending this for over 20 years. Buy U.S. Mint products and only buy Gold and Silver Eagles. Why? They are monetized as money so this adds an element of privacy not all forms of gold and silver products provide.

It is simple, decide what percentage of your portfolio will represent your insurance. Certainly at least 10% and for many up to 25% is prudent. Decide what ratio between gold and silver you want. For some gold is king and they want 100% in gold. For others they want up to 20% in silver to represent anything from short term money in the event of an emergency to speculating silver's performance potential.

Whatever is right for you make some choices. Check the markets and give me a call. How many gold and silver eagles should you buy and how. It is easy really; we check the current market as an indication. Based on that you prepare the funds you plan to move out of paper and in to hard assets. Then based on the plan and the current indication you send funds. When funds are received, we lock it in. We deliver your gold and silver directly to you or storage of your choice. It is delivered privately, securely and it is not yours until you sign for it.

Now sit back and feel the peace of owning real security. From stock market rally’s, to property value, money in the bank and now, owning physical gold you hold in your hand. You will agree, nothing feels quite like it.

I have been doing this over 35 years and I am here to help. I practice what I preach and I believe it strongly. This is not just a product I sell. It is a right of every American.

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