The American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple are Coins of Many Firsts

The American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple are Coins of Many Firsts

Mar 29th 2020

Posted by LCR Coin

Every now and again we see a coin launch that from the beginning is very special. The first and obvious indication is seeing these two coins for the first time together. These two coins in these two finishes stand together like a proud pair to be reckoned with. The American bullion coin veteran along side the Canadian bullion coin veteran dressed for a formal event. They are stunning individually but together, that’s where special comes in. Like a set of Mercanti Signed Silver Eagles or the 2019 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Program these coins will be added to any serious modern coin collection.

The 2019 Historic Coin Set Celebrating the Pride of Two Nations with the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple are Coins of many firsts:

  • This is the first time the US Mint and Royal Canadian Mint have partnered together
  • This is the first ever enhanced reverse proof Silver Eagle
  • This is the first ever modified proof finish Silver Maple Leaf
  • This is the first bilingual–English and French–Certificate of Authenticity (COA) produced by the United States Mint

Mintage of this historic set has been set at 110,000 units

The United States Silver Eagle is monetized with a $1 face value and is struck at West Point (W).

The Canadian Silver Maple is monetized with a $5 face value

The release date was selected to be between July 1st, Canada Day and before July 4th, American Independence Day.

The mintage of 110,000, the enhanced Reverse Proof will be the fifth-lowest mintage Silver Eagles.

What is an Enhanced Reverse Proof Finish?

A standard reverse proof coin is one featuring an "inverted" proof finish. The background is frosted, while the design elements are polished to the same mirror-like finish, creating a magnificent contrast. An "enhanced" reverse proof coin has the same frosted background as a reverse proof, but different design element finishes. The American Eagle Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof Coin has multiple polished and frosted finishes assigned to different isolated design elements. The selective polishing and frosting dramatically enhances the visual impact of its designs.

What is a Modified Proof Finish?

The Silver Maple is produced with the highest possible quality frosted image and is struck against a brilliant background three times to achieve an incredibly crisp impression with amazing detail. The inscriptions on a proof coin are normally frosted. This Silver Maple Leaf inscriptions, however, have the same natural shine of silver as the other design elements instead of a frosted appearance, creating a "modified" proof finish.

Both finishes were created specifically for the coins featured in this set


This set is a must-have for Silver Eagle collectors and it will sell out, which seems very likely since many buyers will purchase multiple sets. A small number will be submitted to both PCGS and NGC and be lucky enough to be graded PR70 and PF70 respectively. These examples will be solid investments and will perform well over time.

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